A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.

Lisa Gansky

At Near & Far we want to work with as many Local makers as possible, however, we also love some bigger brands too and we thought why not mix the two.

Let’s look at some of the brands we are using at Near & Far.

They design simple yet sleek backpacks, with a big focus on functionality, design features and colouring making ROKA the standout brand it is. Roka bags are designed to be lightweight, durable, their external material is triple coated, weather resistant and comes in Matte Nylon or Matte Canva and now sustainable Canva or Sustainable Nylon. To make their bags extra durable and weather-resistant, they’ve added a padded canvas to the bottom of each bag giving it extra protection from the ground and even more support! Finally, their adjustable cotton-webbing straps are designed to form to the body and provide you with maximum comfort. You also have an additional carrying option with the two wide-loop handles, making it a very versatile bag. What more could you want… personally I think the best bit is that each ROKA bag is made with 12 -15 recycled plastics bottles. Absolutely amazing!! To see the ROKA product please Click Here.

Cube Fun was established by local entrepreneur Caitrin Kincaid, who noticed a gap in the market for kids’ activity games during a challenging global lockdown. The Ballymena based mum wanted to help parents get their kids to be more active. So, Caitrin and her two sons set to creating Cube Fun.

Cube Fun is a fun animal game and educational resource that keeps kids actively engaged during any playtime or activity session. It is fundamentally a kid’s party game. It is a soft plush cube with themed designs: Farm, Jungle, Garden, Exercise showing illustrated actions for the kids to copy and move to. The cube promotes spatial awareness, physical movement, colour recognition, turn taking, gross motor skills and encourages the development of young imaginations. Cube Fun is aimed at kids from 3-8 years old and is a must have resource for preschools, nurseries and creches. To see our Cube Fun products please Click Here.

Yellow Deer Designs is an Irish greeting card, print and bespoke illustration company, nestled deep in the countryside of Hugginstown in South Kilkenny and owned by the wonderful Cáit. At Yellow Deer Designs Cáit want you to be able to pass paper joy to your friends, your people, and your loved ones. Cáit creates unique, heart-warming, and beautiful pieces that will help you connect easily to your loved one for any event, occasion, or moment you would love to mark. Yellow Deer Designs wants to protect our world and strive to be as earth friendly as possible, using all ethically sourced or recycled products, all of which are sourced in Ireland and are biodegradable. To see all our Yellow Deer products please Click Here.

Hawthorn Handmade is based in North Dorset and everything they do revolves around helping you to get crafty and discover your inner creative soul. Their kits are designed for everyone from beginners to professional crafters and give you everything you need to bring your creation to life. They only use the best quality tools and materials; giving you detailed instructions to get them just right and they package everything up in a beautiful box ready for you to give as a gorgeous gift or for you to treat yourself too. To see all of our Hawthorn Handmade products please Click Here.

This is just a few of the brands at Near & Far.

If there is a brand you would like to see at Near & Far please let us know and we will see what we can do.

For now keep safe and we will chat again soon.

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